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Who we Serve


Group benefits including group health, dental, life, and disability add up to create a benefits package that shows employees they are valued. The innovative use of a section 125 plan allows employers to offer additional health management benefits with zero net cost to the employer or employee.


Employees, of an organization, are fortunate to have benefits extended to them through their employer; sometimes, those benefits are not enough. We can help supplement offerings or be a resource for them to access all of their benefits. We are also a resource for employees transitioning from one employer to another or into retirement and help to navigate the complex rules around their options.

Individuals & Family

Individuals and families seeking comprehensive coverage can compare their healthcare needs and budget to find the right health insurance plan. Use our easy plan shopping tool to compare affordable marketplace plans in your zip code.

Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare beneficiaries share more than age or condition in common; they also share the task of reviewing and selecting plans every year. Comparing Medicare plans comes down to coverage priorities, cost considerations and long-term anticipated needs. The experts at Fortress Health can help beneficiaries to find the combination of Medicare coverage that best suits their needs.


Let our team save your time and energy by drastically shortening the comparison process. We will work with your priorities to help you decide which individual health, ACA or short term medical plan is right for you.

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