Ancillary policies provide necessary support for your primary insurance coverage. View our offerings below.

Dental, Vision, Hearing

A basic health insurance plan, as much as we would like it to, does not cover everything. Medicare, for example, offers no coverage for routine dental, vision, or hearing care, so you are left with the full cost of your regular cleanings, eye exams and hearing aids. Ancillary insurance for any of these three areas of health, or a combination policy, can help you afford the regular maintenance care you need.


Typically not included through your standard health insurance policy, disability coverage is a critical safeguard to protect your financial wellbeing in the event of a serious illness or debilitating injury that interferes with your ability to work. When you purchase disability insurance, you pay a small premium every month that ensures that you have financial support if you develop a disability.

Group Disability

With a bigger pool of applicants, the insurer’s risk goes down dramatically, bringing you lower rates. Employers can invest in group disability insurance to demonstrate to their employees that they value their wellbeing and want to provide support if they encounter a life-changing event. 

Our team can help you identify the insurance providers with the right balance of benefit for your budget, so contact us today to learn more about group disability.

Group Life

Life insurance may not have been on your mind as an employer. Individual policies can be affordable; but rates go up quickly with age. With group life, you can offer your team modest life insurance policies for low monthly rates.

Show you care not only for your employees but for their families; protect them with group life.


Accidents can bring about unexpected medical bills, and many people do not have the savings to take care of more than planned expenses. Accident insurance is an ancillary health policy that you can add to your health plan to help you take care of the costs for specific injuries, such as burns, broken bones, loss of limb and paralysis. 

For added peace of mind, consider purchasing accident insurance. Speak with Fortress Health to find the fit for your needs.

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