Retirees vary in age, health, wealth and lifestyle. We understand that your needs, as a retiree, may differ from when you were working and that your priorities may point to a different plan than your peer. We can help you find the balance of coverage and cost that makes sense for your individual needs.

Retiree Health Policy Options

Individual and family plans are the first choice for anyone who needs comprehensive health insurance coverage. These policies may have higher premiums compared to the traditional employer plans unless you are eligible for APTC (Advanced Premium Tax Credits) through the Affordable Healthcare Marketplace. Recent changes in these tax credit guidelines, have led to additional tax credits that are now available to people with a higher range of income

You may have additional options to choose a short term medical plan. These have limited coverage and do not typically cover pre-existing conditions, but will help provide the minimum coverage until you can enroll in another plan or qualify for Medicare.

Choosing Insurance as a Retiree

Comparing insurance policies is a chore. With the right tools, our team can sift through your options and give you back the time that you’ve earned.

At Fortress Health, we prioritize you. Let us help you select the products that will support you in this next stretch of your life. Give us a call to learn more about this process.

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