Individuals & Family

Individuals and families seeking health insurance outside of an employer may be comparing marketplace plans. Filtering through the plans can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve made it simple. Fortress Health can identify possible cost savings and compare several options at once with its plan shopping tool.

Find an Affordable Health Plan

Use Fortress Health’s tool to quickly view and compare individual & family health insurance plans available in your area.

Input your zip code, age, sex, coverage eligibility, and any spouses or dependents. Next, the tool will ask for household information, including the number of people in your tax household and household income. The tool will check whether you qualify for Special Enrollment with a Qualifying Life Event, such as losing coverage. If you do not, select “None of the above.” Finally, you can input any preferred doctors, pharmacies, or hospitals, along with any prescription drugs.

See Your Coverage Options

To view more details about the plan, select “Plan details.” This gives a more comprehensive breakdown for plan costs, doctor visits, prescription drugs, labs & imaging, hospital & emergency, mental health & substance abuse, pregnancy & birth, free preventive care, and estimated all-in costs. There you can also view the summary of benefits and coverage, drug formulary, provider list and plan brochure which is found under Official documents.

Comparing Plans

Easily compare up to five plans side-by-side when you check the “Compare” box on each plan. This shows the differences across monthly premium, deductible, max out-of-pocket, estimated all-in, overall rating, network, primary care, specialist, generic drugs, emergency room and hospital stay.

Ready to Enroll

You can begin applying for your selected plan right away. Simply select “Add to cart,” then “Start application.”  Still need help? Call one of our knowledgeable team members and they will be glad to guide you through this process.

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