Group Health

Employee happiness, healthiness and willingness to stick around can all be influenced by the decisions you make for their health insurance coverage. Invest in your team with a quality yet affordable group health plan.

What is Group Health?

Group health insurance is coverage through an employer, union or association offered to its employees or employed members. When a job advertises health insurance as a benefit, that coverage is through a group health plan. COBRA coverage, VA coverage, Health Savings Accounts, retiree coverage and self-employed coverage do not count as group health. 

How Group Health Works

With a group health plan, the employer (or union or association) selects an insurance company that offers suitable benefits at reasonable costs for its employees. The employee can choose one of a few insurance products from that company. This might include an HMO, PPO or high deductible plan. Usually, a set percentage of employees must opt in to the health insurance plan offerings to satisfy the contract with the insurance company.

To bring employees lower health insurance costs, the employer agrees to pay toward the monthly premiums. Luckily, these contributions are later reflected on the business’s taxes.

Choosing a Group Health Plan

Finding the right group health plan for your business takes a balance of understanding the needs of your employees and the costs for your business. Careful plan comparison will reveal the differences between the plan benefits, out-of-pocket costs, customer satisfaction, response time and more. Licensed insurance agents have the tools to sort through the distractions to find the right fit for your business.

Enroll Your Team in Group Health

Group health is an essential benefit for employees. Take care of your team and invest in their wellbeing by teaming up with Fortress Health. We can help you evaluate needs, compare available plans and enroll in coverage when the time is right. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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