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Individual Health

Shopping for your own health insurance is a challenge. Sometimes you have to sift through the offerings from each insurance company, checking for coverage, premiums, deductibles, providers, medications and more. In rural areas, you may find you have less of a choice.

Individual and family health plans provide the coverage you’re used to with insurance through work, except they are sold to individuals. Members of these plans are often self-employed, retired, between jobs or have jobs without employer group health insurance.

Purchasing your own plan gives you the freedom to find coverage within your preferred provider network and the prescription medications you need, based around your budget. For help in comparing the individual health plans in your area, contact Fortress Health.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act made health insurance more accessible to lower income families. ACA Plans offer essential coverage, including:

Search your state’s ACA Marketplace Health Plans to find the combination of costs and coverage that works for your family. If your income is below 400% of the federal poverty level, you may apply for a premium tax credit to subsidize the cost of an ACA plan. Book an appointment today to aid in your search for essential coverage.

Short Term Medical (STM)

Short term health care insurance plans are perfect for people who are between jobs, changing jobs, or are within six months of Medicare eligibility: people who will be temporarily without health coverage.

Short term medical is not the solution for every circumstance, but can be the right fit for healthy people with a temporary need. To learn more about these plans or to compare your options, give Fortress Health a call.

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